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Christmas at the Eternal Gypsy House is always a colorful affair!

I can honestly say that I don’t ever remembering receiving a bad gift for Christmas. Sure, there were always ones that I enjoyed more than others but none that I absolutely hated. I suppose I’ve been lucky in that way. This year was no different. However, a few of them stood out above the rest as my favorite gifts!

As an avid reader, you’d think it was a long sought after novel or some other bibliophile/fandom paraphernalia. Alas, I didn’t get any books for Christmas (which I think is a first!). Truthfully, I wasn’t all that upset though. I have stacks of books in my TBR pile plus I’m in need of a new bookshelf for my little paper friends. It also doesn’t help that I’m a bit picky when it comes to choosing my books. By picky I mean, I prefer hardbacks and want to be the first one to “break the spine”. It’s a problem, I know, but whatever, right?! Just chalk it under the #BookNerdIdiosyncrasies tab. No, my 3 favorite gifts this year were as follows (in no particular order):

Electrohome Wellington Record Player


I’ve been eyeballing some of these retro designed stereo systems for a while now. A lover of all things old school, especially things from the first half of the 20th century, I really wanted one! It also had to have a record player. I remember being fascinated by my mother’s when I was little.

Growing up, she’d always have music playing in the background. Those songs, songs from her childhood, became the soundtrack of my youth too. Genres like Motown, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Southern Rock, and the occasional late ’70s / early ’80s power ballad. All of this shaped my current musical passions. As I got older and music media changed from cassettes to CDs to MP3s and now digital versions that we can stream on demand… I found myself missing that scratchy, staticky sound of the record player.

Of course Mom’s system has long since been passed along to other owners so I was left to stare wistfully at my friends’ players and the ones on the store shelves. That is, until this Christmas! Now I have my own and I can revel in that rich and very real sound that only comes from playing records. The first two records of my collection, without a doubt, HAD to be Robert Johnson and Journey too.


GoPro Hero4 Silver

Another favorite gift this year was my GoPro! I haven’t used it yet; I’m ashamed to say that I do believe it’s a tad bit smarter than I am, but I can’t wait to showcase some of the pictures on my blog. Up until now, all the pictures you’ve seen, including these in this post, have been with the camera on my phone. I’ve sort of been banned from owning a camera. Realistically, I probably shouldn’t own any electronics. They usually have an exceptionally short lifespan with me. I can’t explain it. Stuff just kind of… Happens. For example, I took my camera wp-1483497800669.jpgwith me to visit family in Ireland a few years ago. I was told explicitly to be careful and not lose it. Well, I didn’t lose it… But the latch on the battery door somehow broke. I seriously have no clue how! I had to shamefully explain later why the camera spent the rest of the trip with a Band-Aid on the end. No joke, literally a Band-Aid!

I first learned about GoPro cameras from seeing short videos posted on Loki the Wolfdog’s Instagram. In one video, Kelly Lund, the guy lucky enough to go on all the adventures with Loki, had attached his GoPro to Loki as he ran beside Lund down the side of the mountain (Lund was snowboarding). I loved it and wished I could do that with my Siberian Husky! Sans the snowboarding. I have NO CLUE how to do that and would probably face plant! Much laughing would ensue once my guy insured that I was okay. Lund had used the tag – #GoPro – so I started looking into them. Lo and behold, they looked like cameras that just might be able to stand up to my clumsiness.

The awesome thing about GoPro cameras is they’re waterproof, drop-proof, dirt-proof! Don’t believe me, visit their website!! There are tons of videos and pictures taken with the GoPros where people are sky-diving, snorkeling, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, drag racing, and the list goes on and on. I figure, surely, if it can stand up to all that, it can survive me. Haha! So stay tuned to see how it comes along.


Lucky Clover Pandora Charm


My final, and arguable my favorite present was my new Pandora charm from my guy. I don’t consider myself an overly girly girl. I like getting my hands dirty just as much as any boy. HOWEVER, I have a weakness for charm bracelets. A few years ago, he started my Pandora collection. I don’t have many and they don’t make a pretty themed version like the ones you see online but each charm means something to me. I have a beach ball that reminds me of the water tower in my hometown – Pensacola. There is one with paw prints for my dogs.  Another represents the wandering winds (I’m an Aquarian) and one that reflects the waves of the waters I grew up by. This one is for my Irish heritage. I think it’ll go nicely with my “Heart of the Ocean” charm I picked up when I visited the shipyard in Belfast where the Titanic was built.


So there you have it, folks! My 3 favorite gifts this year. What were yours?