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This week I’m taking a bit of a departure from my normal reads. Well, sort of. It’s a story set in Ireland and seeing as how half my family is from and/or still living there, I’m sort of instantly drawn to these types of books. Phelan also happens to be an old family name somewhere a few generations back. However, I’m pretty sure there’s no relation to this author. Anyway, I saw this in one of my daily Book Bub emails and it looked interesting.

The Canal BridgeFrom the Mr. Phelan’s site:

Part human comedy and part mystery, Lies the Mushroom Pickers Told is a story about what holds a village together and what keeps people apart. When journalist Patrick Bracken returns from England to the Irish village where he was born, he knows the eyes of the townspeople are on him. He has come home to investigate two deaths that happened decades earlier, when he was a boy, deaths that were ruled accidental. But Patrick knows—and believes the whole town knows—they were murders. He knows because he and his best friend were witnesses.

And so Patrick goes to see the elderly Sam Howard, the lawyer who conducted the inquest into the death of missionary priest Jarlath Coughlin. As he questions Sam and Sam’s vibrant, loving, gossipy wife, Elsie, he seeks acknowledgment of a cover-up and an explanation of why the Protestant establishment would help conceal a crime among Catholics. During their give-and-take–about this and the nearly simultaneous death of “Doul Yank” Lawrence Gorman–what emerges from their collective memories are a pungent, wry portrait of village life in Ireland.

I love Patrick Taylor’s books so I’m hoping this one has a similar feel to it! Let me know if any of you all have read it. 🙂