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Every have one of those moments where you’re so enamored with the characters and storyline in a book that you’re seriously annoyed because you can’t rush out and grab the next in the series? That moment when the words: Wait Until Tomorrow: are considered evil and unfair?

Well, here I sit, 11:35 p.m. EST feeling those feelings! I just finished Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. Actually, I spent the better part of today wrapped up in the her story. 

*sigh* Tucker… *smiles* And Christian… How’s a girl to choose?*glares at computer screen for keeping me from my newest book boyfriends*

Now I’m wondering why in the Hell isn’t the library open so I can pick up the next in the series?! Is 24/7 access too much to ask for?!

Ugh! Hang tight, My Loves. As soon as I get my self in check (and have Hallowed in my hands), I’ll share my experience. Now I must drag myself back to reality….. *sticks out tongue*