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Hi. It’s me. I’m still around. So much has changed recently and I haven’t posted in ages. Well, it’s been 3 months. But in blog time, it might as well have been eons. I’m beginning to realize that starting this page when I did just might have been an over ambitious decision. Trying to create continuity in a time of upheaval isn’t my best idea. Anyway… I’m back!

Oh, and by the way, I did do a name change. After much thought, and present personal evaluations, this one fits me and my life better. I was, at the time of this blog’s creation, a Sometimes Optimist. I suppose in some ways I still am. However, if I really wish to be true to myself (and that’s my ultimate goal), then I must embrace my Gypsy soul. I mean, come on, when it suddenly hit me that I’ve lived in 10 places since 2002… I might as well not bother claiming I have any roots. Nor do I care to. I like being on the move and experiencing new places. A child of divorced parents that bounced back and forth, “home” never garnered that concrete location feeling for me. HOME is where I choose to put my feet up for the moment. So with that knowledge…..

What’s been up these past few months, you ask? I moved. Yep, from Maryland to Ohio. 539 miles, to be exact. And it was a PAIN!!! Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had problems moving like we had with this one. Here’s a quick rundown…. My husband had to report in to his new job here in Ohio by the end of May. The movers came and packed up all our stuff the week prior and was supposed to deliver it that next week. I was staying behind to finish my class and was planning on joining him the end of June but I took time off to be here for the delivery. Guess what, no delivery. They “lost” our household goods.


I wish I could say I was joking or being sarcastic, but I’m not. It was en route, then it wasn’t. It was in Ohio, then it was in Virginia, then they didn’t know where it was located. Meanwhile, I’m back in Maryland with at least some essentials and my poor husband has been sleeping on an air mattress for 3 weeks. He’s calling me almost every night to vent about the latest BS they’re telling him regarding when it’ll be delivered and I’m basically useless 3 states away. It wasn’t until 2 weeks AFTER the agreed upon date, that our furniture arrived in Ohio.

Unfortunately, the hits just kept on coming. School was the only thing that was going fine. I’m proud to say that I am now a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant! Currently unemployed because I had to cross state lines, but still, I’m a CMAA! That’s something, right? I was constantly 2 seconds away from loosing my sh*t, having to act like an adult when all I wanted to do was have a huge meltdown… But I past the national certification exam (with high marks, no less!) and got those damn letters after my name! Boo-ya!!


So back to the disaster that was our move. In between classes, I was busy fixing up the house in Maryland to hand back over to our landlords. Mending a torn screen, fixing cracks in the drywall where the house had settled, painting….. I thought it was vast improvement on when we moved in a year and a half earlier. Apparently our landlords disagreed. We got blamed for every little thing that was wrong with the place, including stuff we had notified them of in the course of living there (*ahem* like the hot tub cover that weighed more than an elephant!). Here’s the rub, they were friends with my husband. The renter before us was also a friend and coworker with my husband and the landlords. He left the place a MESS! Our landlords didn’t have a company or a person to oversee the property while they were gone so they didn’t have any clue. Seeing as how we were all friends, I didn’t want to bad mouth the prior tenant either. Big mistake. HUGE!!! I should’ve documented it, took pictures, anything. Rookie mistake, I know. One that’ll never happen again; friend or no friend. Needless to say, they kept our deposit and refused to reimburse us for the repairs they asked us to do on their behalf. Livid doesn’t quite come close to describing my feelings over that situation.


At this point in the post, kids, I’d like all of you take a lesson from me… When renting a place, ESPECIALLY if it’s from a “friend”, always take pictures of every little thing wrong lest you want to pay to fix it! ***End PSA***

Needless to say, I wasn’t doing much reading or posting or wandering or anything that could remotely be construed as fun. Happily for me, all that is over! I am officially in Ohio and ready to start fresh. New state, new house, new me, new Blog! I plan on doing more than just book reviews too. I want to key you guys in to all the amazing things I see and do in my little neck of the woods. Finding random, obscure, and unique stuff to explore is a passion of mine. If I can inspire even just one of you to get out and get some fresh air, I’ll be a happy person. So hopefully you’ll stick around to join me on my adventures! 🙂

Till next time! Love & Light, Guys!!