When “DNF” Status Strikes

I guess I was feeling a bit ambitious. I know from experience that there are occasional moments in my life where certain books just aren’t right for me. This time, it was ‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’. Not because it was boring, although it is quite slow and seems to meander with no clear plot, but because I’m way too busy to give this book the attention it deserves.

I made it to page 59 when this realization hit. This a full meal of a book! One that needs to be enjoyed slowly and preferably without distractions. Doing otherwise will make it way too easy to not fully invest as a reader. The subtleties and nuances, things about the characters the author wants us to get (without coming right out and saying), can be missed. So this is why I chose to stop.

Sadly, my current life circumstances can only sustain some junk food appetizer type reading. “Beach Reads” as they’re sometimes called. Ones that are like the cotton candy of books… Sweet, easy to digest with little to no effort, and not too terribly memorable. Ones meant only to scratch an itch, you know?

Hopefully one day my life will settle down and I can pick this one back up! (With full review to follow!) 😉 Have there been books in your reading career that you wanted so badly to read but knew you didn’t have the time to do them justice?


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