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It’s a been a bit since I’ve been able to create a new post so I just wanted to drop a line. As the title of the post says, Life happened. Fortunately all of it good even if it’s been time consuming.

For starters, we got orders. In military speak, it means well be moving (or PCSing) this summer. We spent a week house hunting at our new base the end of February. By the time we were done for the day, my brain was too full to even think of getting online. I’ll admit, the prospect of exploring a new place is exciting. I just REALLY hate having to sort through and pack up all our stuff; not to mention we have a weight limit so we need to figure out where to shed some household pounds. Anyone need some furniture?!

Secondly, I started my Certificate program. I’m getting certified in Administrative Medical Assisting. Not my ultimate dream career but a stepping stone. Plus it’s portable and as you can tell, that’s a must. My goal is to use the job so I can afford to go back to school and get my BS in Biology (highlighting Animal Behavior, Research, and Conservation). My dream job is to be out in the middle of nowhere studying animals so I can advocate for their continued wild existence in nature. Yeah, I’m one of those Hippy, Tree Hugging nuts! Haha! Although, getting paid to stay home and read/edit/review books would also be awesome…..

Lastly, it’s been general malaise. I’ve read two more books in the Fallen series (Torment and Passion) but I just haven’t been over excited to post a review. They were just meh. I’m pretty sure I’ll combine them into one review since there’s not much to say about either. I pluck a few lines here and there and I’m sure I’ll eventually finish it. Maybe. My O.C.D. self says I have to do it, so there’s that. I also read The Martian. It was… I don’t know… Interesting. But that review is also in the pipeline. So I guess all there is left to do is find some inspiration and motivation. Not to mention figure out a way to get my A.D.D. back in check. *sigh*

Anyway, thanks for reading this nonsense excuse. I’ll be back. I promise! 🙂