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(The world as seen through the eyes of my Siberian Husky, Spartan. He’s a little special and completely erratic but we love him nonetheless. These are his adventures…..)

I can’t take it anymore! I can’t, I can’t, I CAN’T!!! I NEED to get out of this house! I have to run and feel the wind in my fur. The little German they call Angel understands. She may be old but she likes to run too. She tries to keep up but come on, that hasn’t happened since I was a pup. Of course, that is if she comes out from under the Alphas’ bed. But seriously, I’ve been cooped up in this house for the past 3 days. It feels like FOREVER! Maybe if I pester the Female Alpha. She’s usually the weakest link and takes pity on me. I swear, I think the Male believes I can content myself with toys. He’s not nearly as observant as the Female. Obviously he’s never met my ancestors. They ran too. For miles. Something I want to be doing RIGHT NOW! Okay, enough. Time to unleash the pouty face…..

Wait, what’s this? Is she moving? The Female Alpha is moving! YES!! Oh wait, she’s complaining about the temps. No! Are you kidding me? 8*F is a great temp for running. It’s practically perfect! Wind, schmind.

I get that the Alpha’s are basically furless, I seriously do, but they have those colorful fake coverings. Poor things have to put that stuff on every time they want to do something. Sometimes even when they don’t go anywhere. They practically live in it! It would be so much easier if they were like me. The only time I’ve seen them without their fake coverings is when they step in this little alcove to get wet. I don’t know why they think running through a creek like I do is insufficient. But anyway, she’s totally changing her sleep time coverings! She’s going out… I just hope I’m coming too. Please. Please. Pleeeaasssse! I think I need to up the ante and add a little whining. Yeah, that’s what this situation needs. There’s no way she’ll leave me behind if I do that. Or she might fuss… She fusses when she has to go to this place she calls “work”. It’s a 50/50 gamble but…..

Ha! It’s working! She said I’m coming and we’re taking the bike. Yes! I get to run when she takes the bike. It’s this weird contraption that the Alphas sit on but for some odd reason it makes them faster. Without it, I just get to walk. Which is okay, but like I said, I LOVE TO RUN! Apparently it’s in my nature. There’s this little yard up the road, with other people like me and the German, and the Alphas take me to sometimes. I hear the other hairless Alphas talking to mine about how my ancestors ran at this place called the Iditarod. They ask if I could do it. I’ve never been there but I’d bet I could completely rock it out. Well, maybe not. I do enjoy my warm bed at night.

Spartan in bed

Oh come on already! How many layers of coverings are you putting on?! We’ve got to go! We could miss something! I don’t know what but I’m sure it’s cool and we’re MISSING IT! We’re bringing the German too?! Ugh! Fine. I’ll follow you to the door. Hold up! Why are you walking out without me? You said I was coming! I don’t want to stay here again. Man, I’m getting left again. I’ll just curl up on this little mat by the door and die. I swear I will. I could’ve sworn she was taking me. She even said she’d grab the… OUCH! Did you really have to hit me with the door? You could’ve knocked first before just walking back inside. “What’re you doing lying in front of the door, Goofy” she says. First of all, I was totally lying here dying of boredom. Secondly, my name isn’t Goofy. It’s Spartan. Geez, they’d be lost without me to keep them straight. Way to go, Female Alpha!

I guess I can forgive you since you have those things you call “Leash” and “Harness”. Honestly, I don’t know which is which and really don’t care. I’m hooked? We’re good? Okay, yes, I’m out the door! Now to wait by these other things they call “cars” to go to the cool places. I normally like the Female’s car. I don’t know why exactly. I guess because I get the whole backseat to myself. Rarely do I have to share with the German. She always gets to sit up front with the Alphas. The Male Alpha’s car is bigger but I have to go in the very back. There’s not much cushion, just a scratchy covering. Plus, since we’re taking the bike, I have to cram myself into this little cubby space and pray the thing doesn’t squish me. Why can’t they put it outside like I’ve seen on other cars? That’d totally make my life easier. But we’re moving and I’m not left behind! So I guess I can deal.

I wonder we’re going today? There’s a couple places the Female takes me with the bike. I hope it’s my favorite! Or at least one of my favorites. It’s so hard to choose when they’re all my favorites! Ha! We’re going to the one with the beach! Yippy! I love this one. It’s not far either so I don’t have to… Aaagh! The bike moved, Alpha!! It’s going to kill me! I just know it is!!! Please get us there quicker before it eats me. I don’t even know where the mouth is but I’m sure it has one. It’s bit me before because I ran in front of it. Even threw the Female Alpha off just so it could get to me. Dangerous things, these bikes are so beware. I blame the rabbit. It was begging me to chase it. Taunts and everything, I promise! Whew, we’re here. Finally! I get to run!! German strapped onto the Female Alpha’s back? Check! Me tethered to the Female? Check! “Let’s go!” is all I need to fly!

Man, I love this park the best. The big car trail is dirt, not that hard stuff they’re usually made out of, so it doesn’t hurt my feet that much. My claws can dig in better which makes it easier to pull the Female and the bike along behind me. Occasionally they catch up once I start to get tired but usually it’s me dragging them along. They’re so slow!!! But it’s not too bad. Now, pulling the Male and his bike… I’d rather drag a boulder on a run. He’s heavy! Another thing I like about this place is the beach. It’s not as big as the other one the Female takes me to sometimes but the water is clearer. We also don’t have to listen to the cars growling at us when they take the trail over the water. It’s perfectly peaceful. Just a few miles to run with the bike, then a short walk to the beach. We always let the German get down when we get to the walking part. She thinks she can race me to the water and win. Ha! I could take a detour, scare all those loud, honking things in the field next to the trail until they’re too high in the sky to reach, and STILL make it to the beach before the German! Short legs, is her standby excuse. Riiigghttt!

Finally, what I’ve been waiting for forever. Hey, 3 days is a long time the life of a Husky! Come here you big beautiful place! I think I’ll play my favorite game: Pretending to be one of those big guys the Female Alpha loves so much. I think I heard her call them “Wolf”. I’ve seen the pictures. I can stand like that and look all cool and stuff. I can even howl just like them. The Female and I like to stand outside on full moons and howl. She’s completely weird but I love her. Except when she’s complaining about the ice on the beach. Seriously? It’s no different than those things you get out of the box in the room with the food. They just don’t have flavors. See, come here, I’ll show you how to lick it. Or you could like the water. It’s nice and refreshing. Again with the calling me “Goofy”? Okay, now you’re going to get it! Full shake right next to you! You named me “Spartan”; how hard is it to remember that. I should call you Goofy!


See! The water isn’t so bad. The slush makes it perfect.

Wye River Ice

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Wye River Ice Close Up

What do you call those things in the box? “Popsicles”? Well, these are just like them but better!

Spartan in Wye River

Here’s the German. The Female Alpha insisted she wear some coverings too but she hates them. I don’t blame her. The German’s fur sticks up everywhere when they finally come back off.

Okay, okay. I guess we can go now. I am getting a bit hungry and sleepy. This was fun though. We should do this every day! Just maybe in your car, Female. I’m dubious about that bike’s intentions. We got the German? I’m tethered to you again? Alright, let’s fly! Hold on, Food! I’m coming! Hungry, hungry, Husky on the roll…..